Site Rental

Thanks for your interest in our site rental program. We are working on ranking this site to get to the top of Google search and we all know how important that is nowadays. If you are not on the first page you are losing a lot of potential customers. Here at Persay Design, we take SEO (search engine optimization) very seriously. It’s a major part of our business in more ways than one and it is quickly becoming a major part of all business. How the program works is, if you win the bid for a monthly fee you get the sites high ranking position. We just link to your site with an overlay plugin and redirect our site to yours. Your potential customers do not even see our site, they just go right to yours. You get the best of both worlds, your site with all it’s information and a top search ranking. Let me clarify a little; you pay an ongoing monthly fee that is billed automatically from your bank to ours or to our PayPal account. It’s on a month to month basis and you can cancel anytime. This Chiropractic site is now up for bid and you can send a bid notice to Persay Design via our Contact Us form.